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Causes OF Ear Infections & Way to get rid of them

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This is one fact that the parasites may easily transmit in the human body through unfiltered water especially when we take a shower. Thus results come in the shape of different parasitic diseases like infections etc.

Today ear infection is common and commonly it causes ear pain and discomfort in Children and adults. Though sometimes a cause is obvious, such as cold or frequent swimming, but often no cause found.

There are three types of ear infections, Outer ear infections, middle ear inactions, and inner ear infections. Probably these infections consist of inflammations in the ear canal, resulting in itching, soreness, pain, redness, discharge, and a muffled hearing. Here are some most common causes of ear infections, which you need to, remember ever.

  • Soapy Water

The most common cause of an ear infection, soapy water, and soap actively dissolve the waxy protective layer lining the ear canal. Thus, this allows bacteria to penetrate and infect the skin. Don’t you think so we may avoid the soapy water to get rid of these infections? I don’t think so, later I would let you, what you need to do to get rid of these bacterial infections.

  • Warms Sea Water

Sea water is high in bacteria. The water in tropical occasions is significantly warmer and makes it an even better breeding ground for bacteria. The warmth easily dissolves the waxy protective layer and allows a passage of higher bacterial load. Here remember that water sports are not useful for your health in this condition, it allows you to spend more time in sea water and it leads to chronic severe ear infections. I am really fond of spending time in the water, especially in summer season and like to spend most of my time on the beach.

  • Dirty Fingers

I consider it the most common reason of ear infections. Ears, which have been irritated by the soap, perfumes or Sea water allows us to poke fingers, biros, and even a key into to infected ear and further damages the delicate, protective, superficial layer of skin, which stops bacteria penetration. Thus, this leads to a more comfort zone for bacteria to feed well.

Now you people might be thinking about that what you need to do to get rid of this situation. I know allot of medicines available in the market that shows some relief, but not a complete relief. Here is a possible good solution, Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper, a technically advance device that kills millions of parasites and microbes in few minutes by using electrical pulses in water based environments. It is really a best alternative solution to kill all kinds of parasitic infection diseases. I have personally used it. It is really an amazing device, which shows best possible early results.

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